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Device Tablet Multi-Platform approach
The Challenge

To create awareness for GrowthPoint and drive traffic to their website, across all channels and to garner audience insights.

The Solution

We used a multi-platform approach. Using Rocket Fuels Moment Scoring and Adjoins Private Audience Market Place we deliverd a mixture of Banner, Video and Rich Media Ad-Units to create awareness.

Client: Algorithm Agency PTY
Brand: GrowthPoint
Period: 1 Oct – 03 Nov


Rich-Media Clicks 2784




Desktop Impressions


Adjoin had a view through rate of 1,63%, with a video consumption rate of 24%. The Std-Banners through Rocket Fuel generated 2228 clicks with a cost of R36,59 CPC, with the Rich Media generating 2784 clicks. Desktop accounted for 42% of impressions delivered.